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Web Therapy Episode 17: The Family Business

Lisa Kudrow shines once again on Web Therapy’s latest episode, “The Family Business”. She chats with her mother Putsy who has been cleared of her murder charges. It’s another great episode that has a great exchange between Lisa and Lily Tomlin, who is going into the “net therapy” business herself. Putsy will be able to run therapy chat sessions right from her home (which, judging from how neat and tidy it is, looks like its been cleaned extensively by th maids over at Fresher Cleaning, the best cleaning services Vancouver company ever I might add!) which drives Fiona insane, especially after she finds out that Putsy stole “her Jerome.” It’s great to see Lisa getting really comfortable in this new role of hers, and her acting is superb as usual in this episode!

David Schwimmer on “Web Therapy” Coming Soon

We all love Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay on the hit sitcom Friends, and we get a little flashback of that on her latest project, “Web Therapy.” In case you didn’t know yet, David Schwimmer (also known as Ross Geller on Friends) will make an appearance in season 2 which will air on Showtime.

DAVID SCHWIMMER plays “Newell Miller,” the son of Fiona’s college professor with whom she had a “romantic” encounter. Unbeknownst to Fiona and his father, Newell witnessed the traumatic event and Fiona has haunted him ever since. He is contacting her now on the advice of his new therapist to find closure, but Fiona has other ideas.

Meryl Streep, Conan O’Brien and Rosie O’Donnell are also some of the other guest stars appearing on the new season. Alan Cummings also returns to relinquish his role as a Scottish billionaire Austen Clarke (he’s so rich, he’s probably got a ton of biometric safes to biometric safes lying around the house to protect his valuables).

With clients like these, it doesn’t look like Fiona Wallice needs an Adwords consultant to promote her business online! Or even an Calgary cleaning service to help her tidy up.

Who else is excited to see a mini-flashback of Friends? I know I am!